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Ở bài trước, chúng ta đã học về thì quá khứ đơn trong tiếng Anh, để đảm bảo là bạn đã nắm vững về cấu trúc, cách dùng của thì này, hãy cùng Liabia làm bài tập tổng hợp về thì quá khư đơn nhé.
Bài tập thì quá khứ đơn


Bài 1: Hoàn thành câu sau đúng dạng thì quá khứ đơn:

1. It/ be/ cloudy/ yesterday.

2. In 2007/ we/ move/ to another country.

3. When/ you/ get/ the first gift?

4. She/ not/ go/ to the church/ two days ago.

5. How/ be/ he/ yesterday?

6. and Mrs. Jennie/ come back home/ and/ have/ lunch/ late/ last night?

7. They/ happy/ last holiday?

8. How/ you/ get here?

9. I/ play/ football/ last/ Saturday.

10. My/ mother/ make/ two/ cake/ four/ days/ ago.

11. Bobby/ visit/ his/ grandparents/ last/ month.

12. Ben/ go/ zoo/ two/ day/ ago.

13. We/ have/ fun/ yesterday.

14. My/ father/ not/ at the office/ the day/ before yesterday.

Bài 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc theo thì quá khứ đơn.

1. Last year my brother (spend) ___________ his holiday in Tokyo.

2. It (be) ___________ really nice.

3. I (travel) ___________around by motorbike with my friends and we visited lots of great places.

4. In the morning I usually (go) ___________to a park.

5. One day she even (learn) ___________some Samba dances.

6. Sam and his family (be) ___________very happy with the weather.

7. It (not / rain) ___________yesterday so we went to the park.

8. But we (see) ___________some beautiful buildings.

9 Where (spend / Lan) ___________her summer vaction?

Bài 3: Lựa chọn và điền dạng đúng của từ:

teach     cook     want     spend       ring

be     sleep     study     go     write

1. She…..out with her boyfriend yesterday.

2. Laura….. two meals yesterday evening.

3. Mozart…..more than 500 pieces of music.

4. I…..happy when I came home.

5. The bed was very clean and comfortable so they…..very well.

6. Jamie passed the exam because he…..very hard.

7. My dad…..the teenagers to drive when he was alive.

8. Jim… make a fire but there was no wood.

9. The little boy…..hours in his room.

10. The bell…..several times and then stopped before I could reach the door.

Bài 4: Chia động từ trong ngoặc đúng dạng thì quá khứ đơn:

Snow White

Snow White was the daughter of a beautiful queen, who died when the girl (be) (1)……….. young. Her father (get married) (2) ………….again, but the girl’s stepmother was very jealous of her because she was so beautiful. The evil queen (order) (3)………….a hunter to kill Snow White but he couldn’t do it because she was so lovely. He (chase) (4) ………….her away instead, and she (take) (5) ………….refuge with seven dwarfs in their house in the forest. She (live) (6) ………….with the dwarfs and took care of them and they (love) (7) ………….her dearly. Then, one day the talking mirror (tell) (8) ………….the evil queen that Snow White was still alive. She (change) (9) ………….herself into a witch and (make) (10) ………….a poisoned apple. She (go) (11) ………….to the dwarfs’ house disguised as an old woman and tempted Snow White to eat the poisoned apple, which (put) (12)………….her into an everlasting sleep. Finally, a prince (find) (13) ………….her in the glass coffin where the dwarfs had put her and woke her up with a kiss. Snow White and the prince (be) (14) ………….married and lived happily ever after.

Bài 5. Chia động từ trong ngoặc thời quá khứ đơn:

1. The sea food (be)………… extremely delicious.

2. Jack (get)………… a letter from her father yesterday.

3. I (go)…………. to the dance class two days ago.

4. He didn’t (buy)…………. that apartment.

5. Liz (travel)…………. to New York from California two days ago.

6. She (make)…………. a red dress on her last birthday.

7. Jackson (buy)…………. Lisa a cap last week.

8. He (take)…………. his kids to the zoo last Saturday.

Bài 6: Chuyển những động từ bất quy tắc sau sang dạng quá khứ:

1. Be

2. Become

3. Begin

4. Break

5. Bring

6. Build

7. Buy

8. Choose

9. Come

10. Cost

11. Cut

12. Do

13. Dream

14. Drink

15. Eat

16. Feel

17. Find

18. Forget

19. Get

20. Give

21. Go

22. Have

23. Hear

24. Hold

25. Keep

26. Know

27. Learn

28. Let

29. Make

30. Mean

21. Meet

32. Pay

33. Put

34. Read

35. Rise

36. Run

37. Say

38. See

39. Send

40. Set

41. Shake

42. Shut

43. Sing

44. Sit

45. Sleep

46. Stand

47. Swim

48. Take

49. Teach

50. Tell

51. Think

52. Wear

53. Win

53. Write


Bài 1:

1. It was cloudy yesterday.

2. In 2007, we moved to another country./ We moved to another country in 2007.

3. When did you get the first gift?

4. She did not go to the church two days ago./ She didn’t go to the church two days ago.

5. How was he yesterday?

6. Did Mr. and Mrs. Jennie come back home and have lunch late last night?

7. Were they happy last holiday?

8. How did you get here?

9. I played football last Saturday.

10. My mother made two cakes four days ago.

11. Bobby visited his grandparents last month.

12. Ben went to the zoo two days ago.

13. We had fun yesterday.

14. My father was not at the office the day before yesterday./ My father wasn’t at the office the day before yesterday.

Bài 2:

1. went

2. cooked

3. wrote

4. was tired

5. slept

6. studied

7. taught

8. wanted

9. spent

10. rang

Bài 3:

1. was

2. got married

3. ordered

4. chased

5. took

6. lived

7. loved

8. told

9. changed

10. made

11. went

12. put

13. found

14. were

Bài 5

1. was

2. got

3. went

4. buy

5. travelled

6. made

7. bought

8. took

Bài 6:

1. Was/ were

2. Became

3. Began

4. Broke

5. Brought

6. Built

7. Bought

8. Chose

9. Came

10. Cost

11. Cut

12. Did

13. Dreamt

14. Drunk

15. Ate

16. Felt

17. Found

18. Forgot

19. Got

20. Gave

21. Went

22. Had

23. Heard

24. Held

25. Kept

26. Knew

27. Learnt/Learned

1. Let

2. Made

3. Meant

4. Met

5. Paid

6. Put

7. Read

8. Rose

9. Run

10. Said

11. Saw

12. Sent

13. Set

14. Shook

15. Shut

16. Sang

17. Sat

18. Slept

19. Stood

20. Swam

21. Took

22. Taught

23. Told

24. Thought

25. Wore

26. Won

27. Wrote


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